Print Selection in Outlook 2007


Why doesn’t Outlook 2007 have a ‘print selection’ option? It’s meant to be using the Word rendering engine and Word has a print selection option.

So many people have footers saying ‘consider the environment before printing this email’. Well I think Microsoft could help a lot on this by allowing people to easily print just what they want to, when they need to without having to copy + paste.

Oh, and I shouldn’t need to ‘upgrade’ to a new version to accomplish this, I’m sure it was present in Outlook 2003!


4 responses to “Print Selection in Outlook 2007

  1. Microsoft deigned it not neccesary anymore….
    all Office applications before 2007 had that option, even Word2007, Excel2007 and Powerpoint2007 still have that option – but Outlook2007 does not think it neccessary.

    • I assumed that, but I don’t understand why it’s no longer necessary, for instance I just checked and Outlook 2010 is still missing this feature.

  2. Open the message-> Actions-> Open Message In Browser-> select the piece you
    want to print and choose to print selection only.

  3. It’s just one think more that show us how MICROSOFT takes us from the nose to where they want.

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