How to disable the Pointing Stick / TouchPad on a Dell Latitude D620 (and probably D630, D820, D830)

I recently took advantage of my MSDN subscription and installed Windows 7 RTM on my trusty old Latitude D620 (and for anyone who follows this am still dual booting Server 2008). This installed fine with everything detected and working with the only exception being the touchpad.

To start this by default uses the standard PS/2 mouse driver which is horribly slow to move across the screen. After much searching about I found an Alps driver however although this made the mouse quicker it left the pointing stick enabled. This then drove me crazy as if I slightly touch it by accident when typing quickly the pointer would move across the screen.

Eventually I found a driver from HP that seems to work fine and add the UI to the control panel to disable the pad etc. Check it out at:


34 responses to “How to disable the Pointing Stick / TouchPad on a Dell Latitude D620 (and probably D630, D820, D830)

  1. Thanks for this! The trackpad was driving me nuts on the D620.

  2. Thanks so much for this.

  3. Thanks so much for this. My pointer is broken and it moves my mouse all over the place now I can finally disable it.

  4. Thank you Joel! I’m always mistyping because of that stupid thing!! You’re the man!

  5. another vote of thanks, taking the blue button off is an alternative, but so quite so sensible!

  6. I had been looking like mad for the 64bit Alps driver.
    Your post absolutely saved my day.

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  9. I have the Latitude D820 and used the Synaptics drivers for Windows 7 64-bit — this driver allowed me to disable the touchpad (it also disables the stick). Anyone can reenable these pointers using control panel.

  10. Maaaan! You’re the man!!
    I have a Dell Latitude D820 and was very unhappy because of the missing touchpad driver for Vista/7 x64.
    Thanks, man! I really appreciate your help. Please post this to other bolgs and sites also. I saw a lot of posts about this problem on other sites.
    Thanks again! You rule!

  11. Just bought a used D630 from my work, and I was starting to regret putting x64 Windows 7 on it, but this solution works great. Thanks Joel (and HP)! Now, why couldn’t Dell have this on their web site? They didn’t even have one for Vista x64.

  12. I’ll just have to get in line and express my appreciation for this hint. I’ve installed Win 7 on my D630 about a year ago and the touchpad has been driving my nuts ever since – until I found this post 🙂

  13. Now that is what I call an invaluable post! One would think this solution would, at the least, be available on the Dell site. Thanks Joel.

  14. Finally! A fix that actually works!
    I was about ready to give up — or cut my throat — when I found this one. Thank you, Joel, again and again.

  15. Dell latitude E6510. Pointing stick cursor is jumping. I disabled it using all possible Dell Pointing stick settings; it always jumps. I removed the rubber pointing stick button (!) cursor is always jumping. Of course Dell does not answer.

  16. Thanks so much for the ALPS link! Totally pointed me in the right direction. In the end I browsed to:
    C:\Program Files\DellTPad
    and ran:
    Sorted. (On my Dell Latitude D630).

  17. THANK YOU!!!!! There is no driver fix on Dell’s website, the cursor jumping was driving me nuts!!!! Thank you x10000000000!

  18. Joel, I tried to download the Hp program to disable the track stick cursor on my Dell Latitude D-820 laptop. I cannot get the full control panel to come up. What am I doing wrong??? This thing is drivung me crazy!!!

  19. Also on a Dell Latitude E6510 (Win 7 Pro x64). I tried the driver in the post but got a warning it was older than the one already installed, so I skipped it. Any success stories on the E6510?

  20. Dr. Nick De Bonis

    OK, I’ve turned off the touchpad. Now. How do I turn it back on? Duh . . . There’s no switch in ALPS. I’m on a Dell Latitude E6510 . . . . .

    ;-{) n

  21. You don’t need to raid HP for 32-bit. Just go to the Dell support site, grab the Vista drivers for your model, and install them. They should work in 32-bit Win 7. I did this for my Latitude D630, with the result that I recovered the scroll area on the right side of the touchpad/trackpad! For my D630, the correct Alps drivers for Win 7 32-bit came in a download file called R165804.exe. Probably some models have 64-bit drivers as well; I think I read somewhere that the D430 drivers will work on the D630.

  22. Doesn’t work on the D630 – puts it in the control panel but when you click on it nothing happens or opens!

  23. Thank you sooooo much!!!!

  24. Using Dell’s latesPrecision M2400 Driver on my D620 w/ Win 7 64bit, scroll area works and can provide zoom etc from the control panel, Whoopee !

  25. Long Live Joel ! Thanks for making me very happy today.. I was very upset with the problem with my pointer instability, it was driving me mad….

  26. Hello,

    This is great, but now I can’t use my touchpad at all! I don’t have any options of enabling/disabling the touchpad. Do you know how I can get that back?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  27. Joel “Da Man” Mansford, YOU are the REAL DEAL, dude! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! You don’t know how long I’ve been trying to turn off that dreadful touchpad!! Thank you for producing a blog that I am proud to follow!! Yay! Long Live Joel!! Thanks bro!

  28. Your a dude. thanks mate. Im an IT prof and couldnt get this resolved!

  29. Very cool.Tanks a ton. Now I can turn off that annoying touch pad.

  30. T-H-A-N-K—U—!-!-!

  31. Simply Brilliant! My wife will love not having a sore finger trying to use the ridiculous “pointing stick” mouse. I too loaded Windows 7 on a D630 and it completely gave the laptop a mind of its own when it comes to the mouse pointer. THANK YOU!!!!

  32. I’m using Linux so couldn’t use the driver to disable to point stick. Even when I disabled the device the wandering interfered with input from the touchpad. In the end I found a more permanent solution – disconnect it inside the unit! This applies to the D830 – if you remove the keyboard (easy – look for youtube tutorial) you will see that the ribbon cable for the keyboard has a separate 4-core cable underneath it which is the point stick cable. If you carefully open up the connector you can remove the 4-core cable, retaining the main ribbon for the keyboard. Put it back together – no more point stick!

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