Greasemonkey Script to help filter Setup screen

I have real pains with the Setup screen within, I think it’s simply evolved to where it is today and as a result it is far from intuitive. For example ‘Packages’ live under the ‘Create’ menu but ‘Apex Classes’ are under ‘Develop’ – I don’t think I’ll ever get it!

However I’ve just stumbled across this excellent “Setup Enhancer for Salesforce” which is a Greasemonkey script for Firefox. For those who don’t know Greasemonkey is an addon for Firefox which is installed quickly and simply using the Addons menu within Firefox.

Once that’s installed visit and click the Install button, you should see a warning and then that’s it. Now logon to and go to setup and you should see a filter box in the top-left corner:

Now, as you type in to the box you should see the left-hand menu filter down:

Kudos to ‘setupscripter‘ for something which is going to make my life a little easier.


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