Top-Global-Spam from,

Over the fortnight or so I have over 10 spam emails from these email addresses, including some from ‘reputable’ UK businesses such as, LoveFilm and Experian!

After a lot of digging it seems that the data was harvested by Clash-Media using a form at in July 2008 (even though I already owned an XBOX 360!). I am pretty sure I would never have put my details in to it as it currently looks, also their privacy policy appears to be anything but private!

I would suggest that anyone receiving spam from these domains register their complaint with Clash Media directly and also to and I also think that data is being sold on via Direct Agents

Good luck out there!

View the spam I received here

8 responses to “Top-Global-Spam from,

  1. Andrew Weatherall

    ultralase spam me all the time

  2. I am also being plagued by the same Company who seem to be based in Grays Inn Road, London so I am am looking forward to paying them a visit….

    Despite making numerous requests to be unsubscribed (I never subscribed in the first place…) I am currently in receipt of 131 unrequested spam offers. Since these often hit my Blackberry when I am abroad/roaming this activity is actually costing me money so I intend to raise the matter with the police.

  3. @Bob Watson, I’ve received loads more and will post an update soon. I’ve requested to be unsubscribed some 25+ times now and it makes no difference. I don’t want to just rely on the spam filters as I know these people have personal details about me (date of birth, marital status and home address) so really want to be removed.

    I think I will have to make a request in writing to them directly at:
    Totara Park House
    34 – 36 Grays Inn Road
    WC1X 8HR

    To date emails to all of their email addresses have yielded no response except a read-receipt from when I emailed: ;;; and

    If I get no response then it will need to be escalated to the information commissioner, if enough people do this then maybe this outfit can be stopped from doing this.

  4. Hiya, got the same problem and sent them a hefty mail. Let’s see what (if anything) happens, but my next step will be a small claims court covering my costs in receiving this spam. And thats worktime reimbursement as well as related costs such as traffic 🙂

  5. Same here – even RSPCA is amongst the organisations hiring this spammer.

  6. jmansford: Further to your article and my comment – how do you know that clash media is behind this? I have checked the whois from the domains they use and end in America at a company called Topland or HillTopDevelopment. As I’ve not received any answer from Clash Media yet apart from an acknowledgement email, I will write them a letter claiming my cost. However, I would like to make sure beforehand that they are really responsible. Let me know (also by private mail if you want). Thx, Mat

    • Mat, one of the items of spam I received was from “” ( When I complained I received an email from Andreas Windolph ( explaining that my details had been acquired via a US company called “Direct Agents Inc.”. Direct Agents stated that my details had been originally submitted via a page on which is run by Clash Media!!

      It doesn’t look like Clash Media are very good at responding to emails however Celeida Rodriguez @ Direct Agents ( phone +1 (212) 925-6558 x128 email: has now assured me that my details have been fully removed. Unfortunately I don’t know if this is from a database that Direct Agents hold or if they have some kind of partnership with Clash Media.

      Clash Media are certainly the ones who originally sold the data though.

  7. Hi Joel,

    thanks heavily for your feedback. I will approach them by letter now – and I will let you know.

    Best regards,


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