Vista & Windows Server 2008 give “Access Denied” when adding a TCP/IP printer with UAC enabled

I have an HP Photosmart C5180 connected to my home LAN via ethernet, I’ve been unable to connect with Vista installed, and then after rebuilding with Windows Server 2008 Standard noticed the same error. Basically I’d go to:

  1. “Add Printer”
  2. “The Printer I wanted isn’t listed”
  3. Select “Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname”
  4. Put the IP Address in the field, click Next
  5. Get the error

Access Denied adding TCP/IP printer in Vista and Windows Server 2003

Solution is to either logon as an Administrator (Win2008) and create the port, or in Vista switch off UAC whilst you add the port.

Clearly MS didn’t implement UAC properly on the print dialogs

6 responses to “Vista & Windows Server 2008 give “Access Denied” when adding a TCP/IP printer with UAC enabled

  1. I encounter this problem on my Win2008 today. Vista SP0 with UAC on doesn’t have this problem, so seems like an SP1 problem.

  2. Thanks a lot, it had to do with UAC. I turned it off and everything worked fine.

  3. Or you could use the Print Managment Console from administrative tools…

  4. Got this error in SBS2008 R0, using:
    Control Panel – Printers – Add Printer

    It worked when I RightClicked “Add Printer”, and selected “Run as administrator”.

    Strange that this was needed, because I am the administrator…

  5. Ptochos,

    Yes it needs to run as Administrator, looks like MS forgot to implement the UAC popup for this function.

  6. You can also right click the “Add Printer” link and select “Run as Administrator”. This will allow you to do this one install without the UAC coming in to play. Hope this helps someone…

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