Error 0x85010001 when syncing on Windows Mobile

We have half-a-dozen Windows Mobile 6 WM6 devices (HTC S710 Vox / Orange SPV E650) which sync with our internal Exchange 2003 server.

We also have a password policy where users must change their password every 30 or so days with accounts locking-out if an incorrect password is specified 5 times. Internally we use MS ISA Server 2004 set as an authenticated web proxy.

This means that on each device the users’ domain password is in there twice (once under activesync / exchange and once under proxy). This can have the unfortunate side-effect that when the user changes their password on their PC the phone continues to use the old password until the account gets locked out. This is without going in to XP’s annoying prompting for proxy server authentication on a locked-out account and then caching the password (grrrr…)

Today this happened as usual and I set about unlocking the account and ensuring the correct password was set under Windows Mobile throughout. However no matter what I did the phone wouldn’t sync either over-the-air or on the cable going in to the activesync error all I was seeing was 0x85010001 which having done some hunting is password related – no surprise there.

I mucked about with Active Directory settings for the account, several password changes, proxy settings, GPRS settings all to no avail.


Switch the phone off and on again – yip it really is that simple. What a pile of crap.

2 responses to “Error 0x85010001 when syncing on Windows Mobile

  1. Hi,

    I’m having the same problem as the one you had. But I’m not sure if it is from the same reason. It could be because I changed my domain account password that I use for logging on to my computer at the office. It just suddenly didn’t work. Maybe it was after I changed password. However, I could never get it synced again no matter what I do. I reset my phone, re-setup a partnership etc.

    Was just wondering if it happened to you again and you have any other solutions to fix it. Will appreciate if you can email me your suggestion.

    Btw, I’m using HTC running WM6 cooked rom.


  2. Hi,

    Yes password changes on the domain accounts cause all manner of problems, it’s a real shame MS haven’t dealt with this properly as it’s not simple to get the phone setup with the new password. What’s worse is that users get forced to change their passwords on their PC and then plug in their phone, which promptly locks them out. I have had this occur a few times since, luckily I try rebooting sooner now!

    My own phone is running a cooked ROM but all the others are standard UK Orange builds.


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