Where did my Settings button go in MS CRM 3.0 ?

We’ve been trying to work out why the settings option on the bottom left corner of MS CRM 3.0 had disappeared. I thought that this was due to my fiddling of Service Principal Names (SPN) trying to get the reporting working.

Alas it’s something much more simple (thank God!). I found this article on the Mid Atlantic Microsoft CRM blog which describes the problem.

Our CRM is sat on a machine called VENUS. I like to reference services using DNS names to allow me to move things around and so clients access it via CRM.FQDN.localdomain which is a CNAME to VENUS. I’ve now setup another CNAME for CRMOutlook.FQDN.localdomain which points at CRM.FQDN.localdomain. Now when I install the Outlook client I use the CRMOutlook alias and use the CRM alias for web clients. For currently broken machines the key can be changed at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSCRMClient


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